Validate Your Product Idea by Justin Jackson

Validate Your Product Idea

What's included?

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Your goals
What's your motivation for building a product?
2 mins
Write down personal goals.pdf
34.9 KB
What are your values?
2 mins
Write down personal values.pdf
45 KB
Write down personal strengths.pdf
38.5 KB
Your target market
Choose the right market
4 mins
Determine target market.pdf
36.5 KB
Characteristics of a good market
8 mins
Research market viability.pdf
36 KB
Find distribution channels for your market
1 min
Research distribution channels.pdf
38.4 KB
Your advantages in this market.pdf
38.2 KB
User research
How to do customer research
15 mins
Research market struggles.pdf
39.4 KB
How to do a phone interview
2 mins
Phone interview template.pdf
46.7 KB
How to identify the best opportunities
2 mins
Identify gaps and opportunities.pdf
38.9 KB
Evaluate your competition.pdf
34.6 KB
Your hypothesis
How to write your hypothesis
1 min
Write your hypothesis.pdf
55.1 KB
How to test your hypothesis
2 mins
Test your hypothesis.pdf
50 KB
How to create a landing page to test your idea
10 mins
Create landing page.pdf
62.4 KB
How to get traffic to your landing page
5 mins
Traffic ideas.pdf
53.5 KB
How to evaluate your results
4 mins
Evaluate your results.pdf
52 KB
Your MVP
MVP planner.pdf
48.8 KB
MVP Launch Checklist.pdf
64.3 KB
Onboarding emails for your MVP.pdf
60.1 KB
Customer interview template.pdf
66.6 KB
Summarize your customer interviews.pdf
37.2 KB
How to do a Product-Market Fit survey
4 mins
Evaluate your Product-Market Fit results.pdf
84 KB
30-Second Validation Checklist (PDF)
39 KB
Case study:
7 mins

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
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