Tiny Marketing Wins – the book by Justin Jackson

Tiny Marketing Wins – the book

A book filled with tactics for growing your online businesses
★★★★★ "I bought Tiny Wins for my marketing guy. It was very useful as a crash course in FB Ads, SEO, Google Analytics, etc. Thank you for the content!!"
Rafael Ferrer

Move your business forward, step by step

Tiny Wins is a collection of marketing tactics for online businesses.

The book is based on my 10+ years experience in doing product marketing for SaaS companies like Sprintly, Mailout, and Transistor.

My friend Joe says: "It's like a choose your own adventure book for marketing."

How to use this book to increase revenue

When you get to the office, browse through the book and implement one thing. It could be:

  • "I'm finally going to fix my Google Analytics setup."
  • "I'm going to add proper SEO titles and meta descriptions to my pages."
  • "I'm going to create a small ad on Facebook and see how it performs."
Over time, these "tiny wins" add up to big wins overall!

(you can also get the full online video tutorials, here)

What's included?

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The book
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More reviews for Tiny Wins

"I'm a developer, who’s had practically no exposure to marketing. The little tips have been a godsend. You've saved me days of research into how to do things. I'm feeling way more confident now!"
Arve Solland
"Your tips helped me get 6x more subscribers from my blog than I was getting before! I’ve tried a lot of different things; now I finally have something that’s working better."
Veni Kunche

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of Transistor.fm