SEO for Hackers by Justin Jackson

SEO for Hackers

Get more organic search traffic.


SEO is one of those things that far too many businesses ignore. It’s a shame because there’s nothing more powerful than intent-based searches.

Think about it. When you run into a problem, a struggle, an obstacle - you need a solution fast. Maybe you’re losing money, or maybe your boss is breathing down your neck. You’re frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. So what do you do? You go to Google to look for an answer. And once you find an answer, or in this case a product that meets your needs, you buy immediately.

My goal with this course is to show you how to develop an overall keyword strategy, and then how to actually implement it on your site in bite-size steps.

What will I learn?
This course will teach you the basics of SEO. First, I’ll help you get familiar with Google’s Webmaster Tools and explain the fundamentals of SEO, like finding and choosing the right keywords. We’ll also go over how you can find specific SEO problems on your own site, and how to fix them.

What do I get?
  • 9 digestible videos
  • 6 actionable PDFs
  • The Keyword Content Planner
  • 2 bonus interviews

Who is teaching this course?
My name is Justin Jackson and I’m a product designer and SaaS consultant in Vernon, BC. Here are some of my most popular articles.
Featured in: Fast Company, Entrepreneur CBC News, Inc, and Lifehacker

What's included?

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Set up Google Search Console
How to set up Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
8 mins
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Tools + Resources
SEO Basics
Intro to Search Engine Optimization.mp4
10 mins
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Finding keywords for your site
SEO- finding keywords to focus on.mp4
10 mins
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​Fix your homepage’s SEO problems
SEO – fix your SEO by tweaking your homepage.mp4
10 mins
52 KB
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Code sample
Doing SEO on WordPress
SEO – using WordPress and Yoast.mp4
11 mins
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Improve search rankings by deleting dead content
Increase your search reputation by deleting old content.mp4
4 mins
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The “alternative” SEO trick
The alternative SEO trick.mp4
11 mins
SEO for Software Companies with Nick Swan
42 mins
Getting more customers from search with Brendan Hufford
58 mins

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of


What if I don’t don’t like it?

Let’s say you’re just not getting any value from this course.That’s alright, sometimes products just aren’t a good fit. If, for whatever reason, this course does not live up to its promises in your eyes, I’ll give you a full refund, as long as you provide me with feedback as to how it can be improved.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up on the platform, you’ll receive login instructions where you can access the course from any device. After the first week you will receive an email each week with the subsequent chapters. 

How long will I have access to the course?

For life! Come back and review the material anytime it’s relevant to you.

Is this right for me?

This course is designed specifically for solopreneurs and product people who are building their own side project. Although the content is written with the startup founder in mind, this information will absolutely resonate with sales staff, project managers, ecommerce store owners, and marketing managers as well.