Mastering SaaS analytics (Google, Segment, Mixpanel) by Justin Jackson

Mastering SaaS analytics (Google, Segment, Mixpanel)

Set up analytics tracking the right way.


One of the most important first steps you need to accomplish when starting a new business, product, or idea is to set up your customer funnel in your analytics platform. The customer funnel is a method of looking at specific metrics in a way that describes a person’s behavior on your site. What pages did they visit? How long did they stay? How did they get here? Those kinds of things.

There are tons of different tools and strategies when it comes to setting this up. In this course we’ll specifically look at Google Analytics, Segment, and Mixpanel, and how they work together to give you an overall picture of your site visitor journey.

My goal is break down the complex setup process into manageable and understandable chunks so that you can be confident in how the tool work together. That way, you can spend less time dealing with technicalities of the platforms and more time diving into the data to make decisions.

What will I learn?
This course starts with the basics, walking you through some of the more common areas of Google Analytics as we set up your Google Search Console. We’ll then dive into Segment, which is a seperate platform used to manage all the integrations we’ll need. Once we have that in place, we’ll set up goals and funnels in Google Analytics, which will help you gain clarity on the user journey on your site. And then, finally, I’ll show you another tool you can use to track funnels, called Mixpanel.

What do I get?
  • 5 actionable videos
  • 6 PDF guides
  • UTM tracking spreadsheet template

Who is teaching this course?
My name is Justin Jackson and I’m a product designer and SaaS consultant in Vernon, BC. Here are some of my most popular articles.
Featured in: Fast Company, Entrepreneur CBC News, Inc, and Lifehacker

What's included?

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Learn Google Analytics basics
Learn Google Analytics basics.mp4
5 mins
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Set up Google Search Console
How to set up Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)
8 mins
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Tools + Resources
Advanced: Track analytics with Segment
Set up Segment on your website.mp4
8 mins
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Technical note
Tools + Resources
Advanced: Set up Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics
Set up Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics
11 mins
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Tools + Resources
Track your funnels in Mixpanel
How to use Mixpanel.mp4
10 mins
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Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson. I run MegaMaker, and I'm building