Marketing for Product People by Justin Jackson

Marketing for Product People

Build, launch, and get your first 100 customers


Don’t build another software product no one uses. Discover what people will pay for before you start creating your first product.

What's included?

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Welcome to the course!
2 mins
Hello World
7 mins
Bonus: ePub eBook
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Bonus: PDF eBook
20 MB
Bonus: MOBI eBook
33 MB
Is marketing necessary?
Build Something People Want
Succeed by choosing the right product
5 mins
8 steps to finding a product idea
10 mins
Understand the job to be done
3 mins
How to Research Customers (Part 1)
9 mins
How to Research Customers (Part 2)
9 mins
Interview your customers
46 mins
Worksheet- Audience Discovery (Blank).pdf
49.6 KB
Worksheet- Audience Discovery (Fillable).pdf
58.4 KB
Target their pain
16 mins
The Lean Marketing Stack
Introduction to the Lean Marketing Stack
18 mins
How to set up Segment
8 mins
Code sample: the Segment tracking script
89.9 KB
Google Analytics - Goals, Funnels, and Reports
17 mins
Segmentation, Funnels, Explore, Insight, Notifications
11 mins
What To Do Before You Launch
How effective landing pages work
17 mins
How to find good blog post topics
6 mins
How to design a landing page if you suck at design
5 mins
How to price your product
7 mins
Name your product
10 mins
Tools and resources for naming your product
Launch Plan & Checklist
8 mins
Your launch plan
10 mins
Launch Checklist.pdf
35.7 KB
Launch emails
Growth & Sales
Create a basic Facebook ad
14 mins
Using Facebook's Retargeting Ads
14 mins
Improve your search rankings
10 mins
Find out what your competitors are missing
14 mins
Competitor survey questions (PDF)
41.4 KB
Use A/B tests to increase conversion
10 mins
Ask for the Sale
7 mins
Bonus Interviews
Interview with Josh Pigford.mp4
60 mins
Video- Sean Fioritto interview.mp4
(1h 12m 07s)
Video- Sacha Greif interview.mp4
54 mins
Video- Marc-Andre interview.mp4
(1h 04m 45s)
Video- Nir Eyal interview.mp4
48 mins
Video- Tracy Osborn interview.mp4
(1h 01m 31s)
Video- Des Traynor interview.mp4
58 mins
Video- Jarrod Drysdale interview.mp4
59 mins
Video- Ryan Hoover interview.mp4
53 mins
Video- Garrett Dimon interview.mp4
59 mins
Video- Nathan Barry interview.mp4
53 mins
Video- Brian Casel interview.mp4
57 mins
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Bonus- landing page instructions.pdf
42.7 KB
Bonus- Product Hunt Sales Case Study.pdf
993 KB
Bonus- The Hacker News Handbook.pdf
4.9 MB
Bonus- The Product Hunt Handbook.pdf
3.7 MB

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson. I run MegaMaker, and I'm building