Marketing for Developers – Lite by Justin Jackson
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Marketing for Developers – Lite

Learn to market your software, apps, and digital products.
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This lite version of the course allows you to download a selection of the tutorial videos + the ebook + a few of the bonus resources.

You can upgrade to Pro here.

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 16 files


The Book
Marketing for Developers – 2nd
7.56 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.pdf
12 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.epub
18.7 MB
Video Tutorials
Hello World
7 mins
How to Find your Product Idea
11 mins
Target their Pain
16 mins
Introduction to the Lean Marketing Stack
16 mins
How to set up Segment
10 mins
Google Analytics - Goals, Funnels, and Reports
17 mins
Segmentation, Funnels, Explore, Insight, Notifications
11 mins
Improve your Search Rankings (SEO)
10 mins
Get More Traffic with Better Blog Posts
6 mins
Bonus Interviews
Nathan Barry (2016).mp4
57 mins
Tracy Osborn.mp4
(1h 01m 31s)
Garrett Dimon.mp4
(1h 08m 25s)
Sean Fioritto.mp4
(1h 12m 07s)
Audio Chapters
Chapter 1, Hello World
9 mins
Chapter 2, Define your goal
4 mins
Audio- Chapter 3, How to succeed.mp3
8 mins
Audio- Chapter 4, Find your audience.mp3
11 mins
Audio- Chapter 5, Research.mp3
9 mins
Audio- Chapter 6, Target pain.mp3
11 mins
Audio- Chapter 7, The Lean Marketing Stack.mp3
11 mins
Bonus Downloads
Launch Checklist
41 KB
Venn Diagram - Fillable Worksheet
58.4 KB
Venn Diagram - Printable Worksheet
49.6 KB
Prospects by Priority – Apple Numbers
120 KB
Prospects by Priority – Microsoft Excel
1.42 MB
Code sample: the Segment tracking script
89.9 KB

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of


How is this different than the main course?

Upgrading to the Pro version gets you: 22 tutorial videos, 13 bonus interviews, access to interactive workbooks, progress tracking, and access to all future updates. Additionally, you get to ask questions and send comments to me (Justin Jackson) your instructor.

What are the reviews?

It has a 4.78 ★★★★★ rating on Goodreads.