Marketing for Developers by Justin Jackson

Marketing for Developers

Combine your technical skills with marketing knowledge and become unstoppable


As a software developer, you want to build your own stuff. You’ve seen all of these other people making an independent living from the things they’ve created.

Your challenge isn’t the building, you can do that, it’s finding actual customers who will pay you for what you’ve built.

I’ll show you how to target the right customer with the right product and actually earn revenue from the things you make.


What will I learn?

This course dives right into actionable strategies you can try with your projects right away to earn an income from the beginning.

Build Something People Want (2 hours)
As a developer, our tendency is to stay in and work on a project until it is absolutely perfect (in our eyes). This first part explains how that is actually the reverse of what you should do when launching, and how talking to customers is more valuable than adding one more feature.

The Lean Marketing Stack (45 mins)
This chapter is all about how to implement the proper tracking so that you can follow the customer journey from first interaction through the sale. We want to have these processes in place in order to set legitimate goals. 

What To Do Before You Launch (45 mins)
Us developers are often turned off by the marketing side of a product business. In this chapter, I’ll make branding and design feel digestible so that you don’t spin your wheels and can launch with something that looks great.

Launch Plan & Checklist (20 mins)
I see so many people jump the gun when it comes to launching. If executed poorly, a launch can be deflating and sometimes even humiliating. I’ll help you avoid all that by creating an easy-to-follow product launch plan.

Growth & Sales (1.5 hours)
Once your product is out in the world, we need to find a way to get more eyeballs on it. In this chapter I’ll give you six very different strategies for bringing in more traffic and sales.

I also wanted to include interviews I conducted with some of today’s top product creators to learn even more about building and launching a product. You’ll also find some helpful worksheets and guides to organize some of the things we talk about in the course.
"For anyone that feels marketing is not something they understand, I highly recommend that you get Justin's Marketing for Developers. Don’t just buy the book, get the online course and watch the videos. It’s a great investment in how to take your product to market as a developer."
Dana White
Justin's work has appeared in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CBC, Inc, Lifehacker

Who is teaching this course?

Justin Jackson has been working with SaaS companies since 2008 and was the Product Manager at Sprintly and Mailout. He's consulted for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

What's included?

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Welcome to the course!
4 mins
Hello World
7 mins
Is marketing necessary?
323 KB
Why are you here?
The book
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.pdf
17.7 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd edition.epub
18.7 MB
Marketing for Developers – 2nd
7.56 MB
Build Something People Want
Succeed by choosing the right product
5 mins
Teaser: find your product idea
2 mins
8 steps to finding a product idea
11 mins
Exercise #1: find your product idea
Understand the job to be done
3 mins
Interviewing your customers
46 mins
Exercise #2: customer interview
How to Research Customers (Part 1)
9 mins
Bonus: audience discovery venn-diagram
152 KB
How to Research Customers (Part 2)
9 mins
Exercise #3: customer research
Target their pain
16 mins
The Lean Marketing Stack
Introduction to the Lean Marketing Stack
18 mins
How to set up Segment
8 mins
Code sample: the Segment tracking script
89.9 KB
Google Analytics - Goals, Funnels, and Reports
17 mins
Segmentation, Funnels, Explore, Insight, Notifications
11 mins
What To Do Before You Launch
How to find good blog post topics
6 mins
How effective landing pages work
17 mins
Exercise #1: start with words
How to design a landing page if you suck at design
5 mins
How to price your product
7 mins
Name your product
10 mins
Exercise #2: product name brainstorm
Tools and resources for naming your product
Launch Plan & Checklist
8 mins
Launch with confidence
10 mins
The Launch Checklist
41 KB
Launch emails
After you Launch: Growth & Sales
Create a Facebook ad that converts
15 mins
Using Facebook's Retargeting Ads
14 mins
Improve your search rankings
10 mins
Find out what your competitors are missing
14 mins
Competitor survey questions (PDF)
41.4 KB
Use A/B tests to increase conversion
10 mins
Ask for the Sale
7 mins
Bonus Interviews
Patrick Campbell, Price Intelligently
60 mins
Adam Wathan, Test Driven Laravel
58 mins
Alan Klement, JTBD
(1h 14m 40s)
Josh Pigford, Baremetrics
60 mins
Brennan Dunn, DYFR
(1h 05m 00s)
Des Traynor, Intercom
58 mins
Nathan Barry (2015)
53 mins
Nathan Barry (2016)
57 mins
Tracy Osborn
(1h 01m 31s)
Brian Casel
57 mins
Garrett Dimon
(1h 08m 24s)
Jarrod Drysdale
59 mins
Marc-Andre Cournoyer
(1h 04m 45s)
Nir Eyal (updated)
48 mins
Sacha Greif
54 mins
Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt
53 mins
Bonus Downloads
UTM Tracker (Google Sheets)
Google UTM Tracker.xlsx
15 KB
Product Hunt Handbook
3.7 MB
Product Hunt Case Study
993 KB
Hacker News Handbook
4.9 MB
HTML Landing Page Template
2.14 MB

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of


Is this right for me?

This course is for people who want to earn an income from the products they create. I wrote it specifically for these three stages:

1. People who want to build a product, but haven’t found an idea. 
2. People who are building a product, but haven’t yet launched. 
3. People who have launched, and are looking for their first 100 customers.

This course is written with the developer perspective in mind, but the information will absolutely resonate with entrepreneurs, product designers, ecommerce store owners, and digital product creators as well.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up on the platform, you’ll receive login instructions where you can access the course from any device. After the first week you will receive an email each week with the subsequent chapters. 

How long will I have access to the course?

For life! Come back and review the material anytime it’s relevant to you.

What if I don’t don’t like it?

Let’s say you’re just not getting any value from this course.That’s alright, sometimes products just aren’t a good fit. If, for whatever reason, this course does not live up to its promises in your eyes, I’ll give you a full refund, as long as you provide me with feedback as to how it can be improved.

Can I buy just the book?