Build Better Landing Pages by Justin Jackson

Build Better Landing Pages

Build a page that actually converts.


If you’re starting to work on a new project, there’s one thing you should do before anything else. Yes, before you start designing, before you start coding, and before you start writing. That one thing is to create a landing page.

Landing pages are great because you can really hone in on the value proposition of your idea and get it out into the real world for feedback before you actually start working.

My goal is to help you not waste time on a project that won’t get any traction. To make this happen, I’ll help you build a landing page, craft a message, and get some initial traffic to see if your idea has potential.

What will I learn?
This course will teach you the basics of landing page design. I’ll go over all the elements that make a landing page successful. We’ll also explore copywriting, including crafting headlines and choosing engaging call-to-actions. And then, of course, I’ll give you some strategies to get an initial spike of traffic to your new page.

What do I get?
  • The Landing Page Checklist
  • Landing Page Website Template
  • 6 PDF guides
  • 18 short, actionable videos

Who is teaching this course?
My name is Justin Jackson and I’m a product designer and SaaS consultant in Vernon, BC. Here are some of my most popular articles.
Featured in: Fast Company, Entrepreneur CBC News, Inc, and Lifehacker

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos File Icon 10 files Text Icon 3 text files


The 3 ingredients you'll need to succeed
6 mins
Get the basics right first
47.4 KB
Case study: getting more traffic for a Dungeons & Dragons site
15 mins
Step by step tutorial
3 mins
Step 1: Write initial headline
4 mins
Step 2: Quick research tips
3 mins
Step 3: Refine your headline
2 mins
Step 4: What's the one action you want them to take?
3 mins
Step 5: Add a visual
3 mins
Step 6: Dig into the pain!
3 mins
Step 7: Describe your solution
3 mins
Step 8: Why should they trust you?
5 mins
Step 9: Share a case study
2 mins
Step 10: Describe your features
2 mins
Step 11: The conclusion
3 mins
Landing Page Checklist.pdf
73.6 KB
1.08 MB
Tools + Resources
Write better landing page content
Landing page copywriting
10 mins
The Better Landing Pages manual
90.8 KB
Landing page notepad example #1
9.42 KB
Landing page notepad example #2
11.2 KB
Tools + Resources
Drive traffic to your landing page
Get more traffic for your landing page.mp4
9 mins
73.1 KB
29.5 KB
Case study: Getting traffic from blogs, Quora, app stores, and influencers
9 mins
266 KB
Bonus: Build your own HTML landing page
Build a landing page for free on GitHub Pages.mp4
14 mins
3.33 MB
Tools + Resources

Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of


How long will I have access to the course?

For life! Come back and review the material anytime it’s relevant to you.

Is this right for me?

This course is designed specifically for solopreneurs and product people who are building their own side project. Although the content is written with the startup founder in mind, this information will absolutely resonate with sales staff, project managers, ecommerce store owners, and marketing managers as well.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up on the platform, you’ll receive login instructions where you can access the course from any device. After the first week you will receive an email each week with the subsequent chapters. 

What if I don’t don’t like it?

Let’s say you’re just not getting any value from this course.That’s alright, sometimes products just aren’t a good fit. If, for whatever reason, this course does not live up to its promises in your eyes, I’ll give you a full refund, as long as you provide me with feedback as to how it can be improved.