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MegaMaker is for geeks who ❤️ making things. We help developers, designers, and product people:

  • Make better stuff on the web.
  • Earn a better living from what they make.

For some folks, “earning a better living” will mean bootstrapping a product business, but for others, it might mean building a side-project that earns $2k / year and helps them take their family to Disneyland.

Basically, we’re web workers who want more than a regular 9-5.
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There’s a lot of noise online these days. We as consumers are inundated with content and advertising. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sustain your potential customer’s attention.  The key to good marketing is to stand out. You can't just imitate the same tired tactics everyone else is using. You need campaigns that are unique, interesting, and unexpected.  The tactics explained in this book are not for the faint of heart. They’ve been described as "Guerrilla marketing for the online world." But don’t worry, I break each idea down into actionable steps you can take to actually implement them in your business. My goal with this book is to help you break through creative block quickly and give you real-world tests to try right away. - Justin What others have to say " Highly recommend Jolt by Justin Jackson. No fluff, just actionable marketing tips. " – Matt Netkow “ Nicely outlined ideas which will have your ToDo list chocked full by the end of the read. Playful and informative stories from real world ideas with Justin's good o'l enthusiasm making it a joy to zip through. ” - Paul Ferguson “ Whether you're just starting out with an online business or are already running one that is looking for a bit of an extra edge, this book is for you. ” - Mike Vardy
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Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson.
I'm the co-founder of Transistor.fm