Who's behind this?

Hi! I'm Justin Jackson. I run MegaMaker, and I'm building Transistor.fm

Marketing for Developers

As a software developer, you want to build your own stuff. You’ve seen all of these other people making an independent living from the things they’ve created. Your challenge isn’t the building, you can do that, it’s finding actual customers who will pay you for what you’ve built. I’ll show you how to target the right customer with the right product and actually earn revenue from the things you make. - Justin
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Marketing for Developers – the book

Includes: PDF (high quality + small size version) ePUb Mobi 7 audio chapters Worksheets: Google UTM Tracker, Prospects Ranked by Priority, Audience Discovery Code sample: implementing Segment tracking in a simple HTML form
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Tiny Marketing Wins – the book

Tactics for promoting your product online
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